23 Jun 2023

Sales Just Got a Supercharge

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Welcoming Nick, Our New Head Honcho

They say that you're only really as good as the company you keep. Well, in that case we must be doing something right. In case you missed it, the ink has just dried on our latest hire. Nick Tubb is – and we hope he won't mind us saying this – something of an industry veteran, with 25 years' experience under his belt.

Think of any big element of the B2B payments journey, and he's had a hand in it; whether that's cross-border and FX services, acquiring, collections, or even BaaS solutions. And he's well-travelled too, having worked in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. Well, he's ours now and will be helping us ramp up the next phase of our growth journey as our Global Head of Sales. Welcome on board Nick, and buckle up — we've got some big plans.

As anyone who's been following the Paytrix story knows, we've developed a platform that enables businesses to access the very best payments products around the world through one contract and one API, allowing them to scale quickly and easily. And with $18.3 million in Series-A funding to fuel our ambitions, we're now ready to shake up international payments processes with our simpler and more cost effective approach.

Nick is key to this work. As our Global Head of Sales, he will be responsible for our sales strategy and will therefore play a huge role in helping us achieve our growth ambitions. In the short term, that means helping customers realise the full value of our payments curation layer, singing our praises to merchants and marketplaces, and scaling our teams as we grow.

Nick is already integrated into the team and raring to go. He brings with him a unique perspective on understanding customer needs and how to drive teams that deliver against these needs – a perspective that has developed from his huge breadth of experience that spans starting a new cross-border payments business on one hand, to running a 150 person global commercial team on the other.

So, there we go, it's official: Paytrix has just got a little bit bigger, and taken another important step forward. Nick's got the skills, the vision, and the passion to help us transform payments processes for the better, and we can't wait to get down to work.

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