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Setting a course for growth, Joe Redmond takes the helm of our European operations

14 Aug 2023

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An Alternative to Building a Large Payments Team

11 Jul 2023

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Sales Just Got a Supercharge

23 Jun 2023

What is payments curation 001

What is Payments Curation?

15 Jun 2023

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Marketplace payments innovation: the seller takes centre stage

18 May 2023

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The Paytrix Journey so far: We just closed our $18.3M Series A Fund Raise

03 Apr 2023

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Paytrix Secures $18.3 Million Series A Funding to Realise Vision of Simplifying global Payments

29 Mar 2023

Paytrix PI Licence

Paytrix obtains Payments Institution Licence to Deliver regulated Services

09 Mar 2023

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Payments Curation: Taming the Cost and Complexity of International Payments

16 Feb 2023

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International payment systems are often a barrier to growth for businesses. The solution? 'Curation'

18 Jan 2023

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Three Payments Predictions for 2023

15 Dec 2022

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Paytrix recruits David Sola as CFO in Drive to Simplify Global Payments for Scaling Businesses

29 Nov 2022


How — and who — to hire as an early-stage startup

25 Nov 2022

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Paytrix secures one of the largest pre-seed investments in FinTech to enable online businesses to scale globally

18 Oct 2022